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LieutenantTwitch played COD Black Ops 2

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LieutenantTwitch said...
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I've discovered that I do a lot better in matches when I take my time. In MW3, I would just rush forward and rack up a lot of kills by constantly being in the enemy's face. But this game it's better if I hang back a little and choose my targets and strategies carefully. I went from a typical score of something like 11 kills 18 deaths to ending matches with scores like 23 kills and 7 deaths. Good times.

Oh, and this is really for the PS3. That option just wasn't available from the drop down menu.
COD Black Ops 2

COD Black Ops 2 (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Shooter
Release Date:
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In MW3, I just got screwed a lot. I've been interested in Black Ops 2, but I doubt that I'll buy another CoD...
You bring up a good point. While I'm not an extremely talented player, I do feel that Black Ops 2 calls for more strategy. I don't feel like I'm just playing to preserve my K/D as I was in MW3, since now there's more reward to be found in playing the objective. I even like playing zombie mode sometimes, even though I have an extreme disgust towards the undead, lol
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